I love my sleep. I’m that kind of girl that needs 8 hours+ to be able to function accordingly and look alive and well! Because sleep is kind of a big deal around here, I thought I would blog about it!  As a new mom you might think I don’t get ANY sleep, wake up every hour, on the hour… catering to our one year old little Liam! #wrong. From day one we put our sweet little Liam on a feed/wake schedule and sought advice from one of my dear friends Desiree, the brains behind Rock a Baby(Sleep training and everything else you need to know about how to get your sweet baby on YOUR sweet schedule).

That being said, Liam sleeps 12+ hours a night and we get our sleep. It’s a priority around here. So why not get ready for your big night in a something comfy, relaxing… soothing yourself into a sea of pillows! (Are you still awake?) As beautiful as all this sounds, yes- we lover our sleep, yes- Liam is an amazing sleeper, but we still stay up late watching episodes of The Vampire Diaries or Reign, working late writing blog posts at 11:29PM. Looks like it may be a few more hours till I hit the sack! Na-Naight. zzzz.

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