Something Mom Will Love

A friendly reminder Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12, which means it’s just around the corner. Truthfully it’s one of my favourite weekends of the year. There is an undeniable love and appreciation in the air. I’ve always felt it, even before becoming a mom myself. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, a woman who you look up to as a mom, celebrating the power and strength of a mother is something so beautiful. We should be recognizing every mother daily, but even more so on this thoughtful weekend.

This is why I was so drawn to this t-shirt: “Every Mother Counts”. We are all in this together and should feel supported and loved no matter the circumstance. As I was looking for gift ideas for mom, I wanted the items I chose to reflect the beauty and elegance, with a laid back and playful notion that every mom brings to their family. Every summer I remember my mom wearing flowy dresses, big sunhat and sunglasses. Relaxed and feminine with a touch of understated glam with her personal accessories such as her sun hat, oversized sunglasses, great shoes and some lipgloss.

Sure being a mom means yoga pants, dry shampoo, and top knots… I laugh to Troy and tell him, “I sure hope our kids don’t remember me always being in my gym clothes”.  My hope is that this Mother’s day round up inspires you to spoil your mom, the women in your life, your mom friends that surround  and support you with something thoughtful and beautiful to make her/them feel loved and appreciated. Being a mom is so overwhelming and exhausting and none of us do it perfectly. Don’t forget to share your good days and your bad days, laugh about it together.  Remember, your gifts don’t have to be anything extravagant, spoil her in anyway you think is best. Don’t forget to call mom, take her for brunch or dinner and most importantly don’t forget to snap a photo with her. There is truly nothing better then looking back at photos of your mom!

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