Spring Planting Must Haves

Spring is fast approaching, and if you have a green thumb already or maybe wanting to have more a green thumb, then this post is for you. I have to be honest; I have not done much vegetable gardening in the past. But I do love to tend to my traditional flower garden. With us being in the MH bungalow at the moment I will be doing a similar set up this year from last year, lots of potted plants and small trees.

If you are thinking about planting a small vegetable patch this year or just want to grow a few things on your deck or porch now will be the time to start off some of those seeds to be transplanted at a later date. Getting a head start on some of the vegetables will prolong your harvesting season and produce a little more vegetables for you this year. There are only certain veggies that do well with being planted earlier, such things as: tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, lettuces, kale, and Brussel sprouts.

Maybe you won’t be venturing off into planting seeds this year, but are just looking forward to spring and then transitioning into summer and getting out in your garden! The books I’ve chosen below are sure to get your excited for the upcoming season and perhaps even learn a thing or two, or at least get you inspired for what’s to come. A few gardening tools are great to have on hand and don’t forget a petit plant mister, I wouldn’t even mind keeping it out on my counter it’s that beautiful. Pots can be so versatile, one added above the mantel, a small one just off to the side of the sink, where you can add in some greenery and life into your space is so inviting. I love to stay with more neutral tones and use these pots for years to come.

Tell us what you will be doing, are you planting bulbs? Starting seeds for your vegetable patch, we would love to know!

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