Spring Up Your Home

Spring cleaning anyone? Everything about spring cleaning is appealing to me right now. Maybe I’m starting to nest earlier or maybe I’m just ready to usher in warmer weather, but I’m eager to get into all the nooks and crannies of our home. And once everything is washed and dusted, the fresh clean space is a blank canvas for all kinds of new design inspiration and ideas. That includes decluttering and getting rid of items that have not been used in the last six months or so!

Rearranging and organizing your home is an easy, cost-effective way to give it a new look. But if it needs a little something extra, consider buying a new piece or two to brighten up your space. Maybe you’re ready to replace your old table lamp or want to splurge on an occasional chair you’ve been eyeing for awhile. I love how brand-new throw pillows can refresh your living space. A set of baskets can make it easier to stash snacks in your pantry or be great visual storage for throws by the couch.

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