Step into Casual

A good, comfortable casual look is a must for running errands and playing with my kids. There are plenty of cute – and comfortable! – items to keep you looking polished and pretty while moving through your everyday hustle. These are a few of my favourite pieces right now.

My number one tip for pulling together a casual spring look?  Wear layers. Along with being on trend, dressing in layers is the easiest way to stay warm (or cool) depending on the weather. A jean or bomber jacket is perfect over a hooded sweatshirt. I love all the soft pinks and peaches out this season, and adding a hoodie in one of these colours is a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit.

Jeans or leggings – no matter what you choose, they’re an important part of a casual outfit. Try rolling up the cuff of your jeans to flash a little ankle and show off your sneakers on a warmer day. And if you prefer leggings? I love these striped ones. Stripes are the perfect relaxed wardrobe staple.

spring Casual wear

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And, of course, no comfortable outfit is complete without a spritz of perfume, a cute pink lip gloss and some dry shampoo. (Or a good ball cap, in case the dry shampoo doesn’t work out.)

Do you have any casual outfit go-to’s? I’d love to hear about them!