Styling Muted Home Accents

Accessories play such a big part in your home’s decor, they allow you to personalize your space by adding interest and textures. Perhaps you are styling a shelf, coffee table, console table or even an entry table and are wanting to add more elements without it feeling over done. Muted accents like pottery and accessories with muted colours and tones are the perfect fit. A personal touch like a small photo or piece of artwork amongst some of your other pieces, is always a great finishing touch too. Console tables or coffee tables are a great place to style muted and neutral accessories such as beautiful books, candles, and accent decor to help you achieve a finished and polished look. Create vignettes of pieces that go hand it hand; stack a few books finishing off with a candle and match striker or natural beads on top. Last but not least throw pillows, no sofa sectional or even chair would be complete without them, they can instantly change the look of the room. Try by playing around with a mix of textures, soft muted stripes and embroidered pillows for the perfect combination to update your space.

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