Summer Hats To Love

I love the idea that one or two great accessories can make your look! Being a busy mom means I’m constantly throwing on a simple summer dress or jeans and t-shirt, and this season I find myself elevating my look with a great hat. A basic summer straw hat is perfect for heading to your local farmer’s market and a structured statement one worn to a wedding or garden party will seriously wow the crowd!

When it comes to hats I really believe there is room to splurge on an investment piece that will carry you through seasons to come. A simple $20-$50 hat can be your best friend through the entire summer season, wearing it day in and day out on those bright sunny days!
I’m not going to lie, I have a stack (okay, maybe two stacks) of very affordable hats that I love and rotate through the different seasons. However, I currently have my eye on a couple hats that are a bit more of a splurge (see below) knowing that they will last and the style is classic enough to make the perfect statement for not only this season but also for years to come!

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