Summer Travel Necessities

Are you planning a vacation this summer? Whether you are heading off to a fun destination for a week or two or simply taking a weekend away we have some of our must-have items for effortless summer travel.

Everyone needs a perfect suitcase, this one is perfect and the rollers make navigating through busy streets and airports a breeze. A classic overnight bag is essential the Le Sud leather bag from Cuyana is my absolute favourite in pebbled leather with the option to have it monogrammed which is such a nice elevated detail.

We all know flying drys out your skin so if you are needing a  little refresh on your face after spending some time in the air this travel sized face mask will help to hydrate your skin. Don’t forget about this Caudalie beauty elixir, the travel size is ideal to carry around in your tote or purse, just a quick mist throughout out the day will give you an instant refresh. (My personal favourite and must have beauty item.)

In terms of pieces of clothing to pack I always seem to bring my favourite sweater (perfect for when the sunsets and a breeze is around), a great pair of white sneakers as they go with so much and of course a pair of sunglasses.

Last but not least the perfect book to sink into, summer is such a great time to read and relax and there truly is nothing better than a good book. Do you have any must-have reads this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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