Talking with Jillian Harris

The Vancouver Home + Design Show starts today! I don’t know about you, but I am overly excited! I love everything about decorating and fixing up my home! AND I love that one of my favourite Interior Designers, Jillian Harris is in town AND at the show this weekend! Did I also mention she is going to talk about everything fabulous on the blog today? <<Insert scream here>> I know!!!! Enjoy! xo

1. Jillian, we have grown to love you since day one of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and now, adore you on Extreme Home Makeover. Having loving fans all over the world, what do you consider the best part of your success?
I think having a voice, to be able to tell thousands of people what is important to me, what I love and being able to make friends through what I do.  As well having control of my career and day to day. Even if I am so busy sometimes I feel like I’m going to pass out – I likely wouldn’t have it any other way! 

2. Okay, lets get right down to it! We know you love interior design, and we know that you can make any space look fabulous. If you had to start with a simple living room space; consisting only of a couch, coffee table and tv, what are your top 5 things everyone should add to their “living room face lift”?
1. A fresh coat of paint
2. Some great art that speaks to THEM
3. A mirror to open up the space ( I love a leaning mirror)
4. Built in’s if its in the budget or streamline bookshelves
5. Storage to hide all the ugly stuff you just can’t stand to get rid of! 🙂

3. DIY projects are HUGE right now! What is your favourtie DIY project!?
Chalkboards and reclaiming.  I love love love chalkboard paint and can think of a million things to cover in the black matte finish.  And as we all know I love making old things new again 🙂

4. We’re more than thrilled to have you at the Vancouver Home + Design Show! Word on the street is that you’ll be speaking about how to incorporate personality into your home. Could you give us a little sneak peek- 1 or 2 ideas on how we can understand this design concept?
Definitely! I think your home should speak to YOU, not any design trend or fad.  One of my favorites, is actually a teddy bear. We had it made from a fur jacked my late grandpa gave Marge my granny.  The jacket was outdated and tattered, and didn’t fit any of us so we had it turned into something special! The same can be done for old furs, jackets, dresses  -you can turn them into teddy bears, fashionable throw cushions, patchwork quilts. One thing that IS a fad right now is vintage chique… So all of these things wouldn’t only speak to you and your history, but would be affordable, one of a kind, friendly on the environment AND instyle!

5. Lets move on to your other love: FASHION! Fall is here, most girl’s favorite time for amazing fashion sense. What are your top 3 fall fashion picks for this season
1. I could not live a day without my Frye Harness Boots.
2. I have been loving hats lately so a nice felt hat is a beauty
3. A good Bag. I love brights these days (I guess they are the new black) and got this fab Postman at m0851 in Calgary (we have one here!) that is a beautiful brilliant blue.

6. When I think Jillian Harris, I think boots! Plus, every girl I know right now is looking for the perfect pair. Knowing you can never have enough! What is your go-to boot? I feel like I can only ask Jillian Harris that!
Haha – mentioned above! I am a super fan of Frye, I don’t know what it is but I have 9 pairs! (eeps!) I just love the fit, they are always timeless and last forever!

7. Next blogger favorite: BEAUTY! What is your morning beauty regime? Any favorite beauty products that you can share with us?
I use the clarisonic and love it, and I did splurge a few months ago on Crème de La Mer. I usually cleans with the clairsonic, mist my face with Nude Hydrating mist and finish off with the La Mer.  And drink lots of H2O in the am!! Oh and of course my complexion smoothie for breaky! 🙂

8. We’re so excited to see you here in Vancouver for the Home & Design Show, HOWEVER so sad to hear that you are moving to Alberta. What are 5 Jilly Favorites that you are going to miss here in VanCity!?
Oh my gosh. The STUNNING view and fresh morning air. Granville Island. Fresh Flowers & fresh veggies.  My best friend Carol.  Wanda the Hydrangea. Local Eatery. WHOLE FOODS!

9. Time for a HUGE thank you & Coffee break! What will you be ordering?
Grande Caramel Macchiato, double shot, half sweet, half soy, half skim (omg the most HIGH maintenacne coffee order on earth)  but my FAV coffee… Is just the regular drip coffee made at home 🙂

Be sure to stop by the Vancouver HOME + DESIGN show at the Vancouver Convention centre this weekend!
Jillian will be on Stage 3 times this weekend, sharing about “How to customize your style”. You won’t want to miss it!

Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 3pm
Saturday at 6pm
Check out The Vancouver Home + Design Show Website for more information.

Plus!!! IF you REALLLLY want to enjoy the show this weekend! I’m giving away tickets all day today! Leave a message on The Doctor’s Closet Facebook wall, tell me why you want to go! I’ll be giving away tickets every couple of hours!

Big thank you to Jillian for letting us get personal with home decor, beauty and fashion!