The Countryside Collection with Urbanwalls

Today is the day, my wallpaper collection with Urbanwalls is now available to purchase! This anticipated collaboration has been in the works for quite some over a year now!! So you can only imagine my excitement that we are finally bringing you these wallpapers for you to use in your homes! You might notice two of the designs; The Magnolias and the Hydrangeas from our monthly digital downloads. Many of you have asked if we’ll be creating fabrics, wallpapers and additional textile goods from our designs, so naturally this got us thinking! Why not include them in our UW collection! I fell in love with the idea to see these designs plastered onto walls (literally!).

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that I’ve been a huge Urbanwalls fan for years and years. Using their wall decals in one of the first spaces that I designed and was truly proud of… Liam’s nursery, where together, we created traditional stars that we hand placed into rows above the millwork. You can see that post here, all the way back in 2014! You might remember when we also created lemon decals for our play kitchen in our previous home. They are still a favourite of mine, and I hope to use them again in another space. I’ve also loved using UW in addition to my birthday party decor. We installed these cute vintage airplanes for Liam’s third birthday  and swans for Lillya’s first birthday. Needless to say, I’ve been a huge fan of Urban Walls over the years and I’m so thrilled that we have, once again, partnered on something so special; plus one of my favourite ways to add character to a home is with WALLPAPER!

Say hello to The Countryside Collection!  This collection was created with a clean traditional aesthetic in mind, with soft tones for a sophisticated and effortless look.  Danielle, owner of Urbanwalls and I have been friends for years and have been dreaming up a wallpaper collection for far too long. You’re going to love that all three wallpaper designs are available in both pre-pasted paper, as well a removal vinyl to suit what will fit best in your home, whether you own your own home, rent an apartment or live with your parents… pre-pasted will last a lifetime where vinyl can be removed with no worry of damaged walls. How great is that? Learn more about each design below. Make sure to watch the behind the scenes video at the end of the post too! 

The Countryside Collection


You all know how much I love stripes; they are classic and timeless. I love the detail of the two delicate stripes in-between the large thick stripes. It adds an effortless look to a bold stipe!  I imagine this wallpaper in your kid’s room, playrooms, powder room, craft room or even your laundry rooms! If you have a nautical or traditional theme in mind, the Brighton Stripe is sure to do the trick. 

The Brighton Stripe comes in three beautiful muted colours of our vanilla blush, grey and blue. The classic vertical stripes will work well in any space from a modern farmhouse to a seaside cottage. But hey, if you’re looking to install them horizontally, that could totally work too! I hope you love this preppy stripe as much as I do! 


There is just something so beautiful about magnolias; these magnolia illustration was one of our favourite designs we created for our MH downloads. The simplicity of the line drawing is so exquisite in three colour variations; magnolia blooms bring calm classicism to any space. You’ll love this wallpaper in a girl’s room, any relaxing bedroom or even in your guest powder room.  Magnolia blooms dance and frolic, bringing calm classicism to any space. 


Three colour variations, from simple cooked line details, to color-blocked vanilla and white tones adding dimension and interest- which is my personal favourite. I think you’ll love this wallpaper, it’s classic and transitions well for the years to come! It will be a show stopper to say the least.


Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favourite flowers. I’m sure a lot of us can relate.  I had endless amounts of hydrangeas planted in our last home, I can hardly wait to add them to the landscaping of our new home. They are the epitome of a country floral, are they not? Last year, when we released this digital download, you all fell in love with the design and we knew we needed to have it as part of the collection. 

Again, we’ve included three sophisticated colours; each featured pencil sketched hydrangeas, expertly designed to move the eye around the space. Can you see this in your home? I already have a few rooms in our new home where I think this one would fit perfectly! Pair the Country Hydrangeas with any product from the Countryside Collection for a transitional and interchangeable aesthetic.

Again, we cannot thank Danielle, Kristy and the whole team over at Urban Walls  enough for all of their hard work to bring this collection to life. I can’t wait to see how you all add these wallpapers into your own home. And to our readers, thank you again for all the love and support! Make sure to tag us in your photos using the #MHxUrbanWalls if you decide to include our wallpaper collection into your homes! 

Bedside tables, lamps and x-back chair are available to purchase at Monika Hibbs Home. Please email [email protected] to inquire.