The “it” Pant.

I hope you all have picked up on this amazing floral pant trend! I myself adore it! I could seriously buy every single floral pant that comes into site while “window shopping”. The problem with that is 95% of the ones that I see are at least $100-$200! (No, that is not including the $14.99 floral pant from H&M- that every single girl now owns)

But like I was saying, with this amazing trend comes an amazing price tag! So ladies, invest in at least one pair that you love and take the plunge! (You can blame me!) This is the trend you’ll want to be following! Yes, looking like Kelly Kapowski is a good thing… you’re on the right track!

photo 1: Rachel of The Pink Peonies Blog
photo 2: Keiko of Keiko Lynn Blog
photo 3: Photo via Pinterest
photo 4: Anabelle of Viva Luxury Blog
hoto 5: Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar Blog
photo 6: Alicia of Cheatah is the New Black Blog
photo 7: Photo via Pinterest
photo 8: Olivia Palermo