The Joy of Giving

There is nothing more that makes my heart happy than GIVING! Us bloggers are SO good at letting you know what to buy, when to buy, how to wear it, when to wear it… and on and on!  BUT it’s the most wonderful time of the year! And nothing can buy Christmas Cheer! However- that being said, GIVING definitely brings Christmas Cheer! Even more so to those who need it the most!

My heart it overflowing with Christmas Cheer just writing this post! I want to share about two very special things that I hold closely to my heart, all year round!  Even more when this time of year rolls around! Two places where you can explore and learn for yourself and possibly spread some more Christmas Cheer and GIVE. You might already have a special place where you like to give, or maybe you’re looking for one, or maybe you’re just interested in what I do! 🙂 Whether it be in your own community, or one across the globe, giving is the best feeling yet! I want to share two projects that I’m involved with this Christmas! Maybe you’re looking for a place to give? These two are perfect!

1.The Christmas Project– Will unite to fill 4000 Christmas boxes filled with everything wonderful, and hand deliver them to 10 schools in need- in our community (Surrey, Vancouver). It takes $25 to create a box full of joy for one special child, that child most likely will not be getting anything else to open Christmas morning! Through the month of December we will be handing each one of these children their very own box filled with everything from socks, a tooth brush as well as other practical things, and TOYS! Their hearts ARE filled with Christmas JOY! I Don’t think I need to say much more! You can also sponsor a family hamper for $100.

Read more and watch last year’s video>> here. … Watch for my hubby & his HUGE muscles at the end of the video!

PLUS if you are in the area and would like to help put boxes together on December 11th fom 1-5pm email me at [email protected]

2.The Mercy Filled Christmas Project- Mercy Ministries of Canada provides hope and healing to desperate young women who are seeking freedom from life-controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, physical and sexual abuse and self-harm.

This Christmas you can help support by giving to a fun project, One Day of Mercy or Half a day of Mercy. Or you can give directly which helps run the Mercy Home. They really know how to celebrate Christmas in the Mercy home, you’ll want to be part of it!  To learn more about Mercy watch this video.

Also keep your eyes pealed on twitter and Facebook a special Mercy bfrend bracelet is out! $10 of every bracelet goes towards the Mercy Home!
Let me know where you’ll be giving this year!!