the teeny tiny gracelette

Let me start of by saying that I LOVE my arm party! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a full wrist of glorious bracelets! Now, lets take a whole 180 turn- I also LOVE dainty!

The dainty appearance of “less is more” is more than valid when it comes to my new friend the “gracelette“! Yes, there is something about teeny tiny that speaks mountains! These fabulous little things are more then just a sparkle on your wrist. By committing yourself to the “gracelette” you ARE giving back! How fabulous, right? Each gracelette bought goes towards feeding the homeless!

So, put the chunky brass bangles and the hobo beads aside for a moment!! Let your inner beauty shine with love for giving back and rock a little gracellete! I know you’re in love…I just know it! How can you deny? Any  small, tiny and graceful piece of jewellery has a place in every girl’s heart! —– >>> Click.

Here is mine! Gold and Turquoise, my favourite!