Tips For a Tidier Home.

Does it seem like everyone is on the organizational train??? Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one folding my clothes into tiny little packages that stand on their own a la Kon Mari style. It’s no surprise that January is a nice time of year to purge, find solutions for cluttered areas our homes and feel organized. It really is the best time to take some down time to go through the areas in our homes that we just seem to shove things in. Evaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Two things to think about. 1. Making sure everything has a home, and a purpose to where it goes. Dividers, boxes in drawers help keep things functional and honestly easer to maintain. 2. Haven’t used “it” in 6 months- take note, not used in a year? Get rid of it. Unless of course you’re totally sentimental like I am and hold on to things because you know… one day you’ll need it, or your kids will need it… or… You get the point. Sentimental things need a home to, so great a keepsake box to not only tuck away but keep safe too. I now have a box for each one of my children and organize things I want to keep for them in their special like keepsake boxes.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite items that will help you stay organized and clutter free.  Everything from the perfect counter worthy canisters for your kitchen, a laundry basket that weaves into your existing space seamlessly and a beautiful gold organizational tray for your office that’s not only stunning but functional too! Has anyone else tried these huggable hangers? Maximize your closet space with these and you can literally cut in half the amount of space and best of all looks so neat and tidy. Now lets get back to it!

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