Treat Yourself! xo

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! Hope you’re having an absolutely LOVE-ly day!

While you share your love with friends and family, we wanted to make sure you also take a moment to treat another important person in your life: Yourself! Take a moment to treat yourself to a little something special today – maybe it’s a cute pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, something as simple as a fancy lip gloss (love Rodin!!), a brand-new bag for the upcoming sunny season or a special piece to finalize or switch out your interior decor. Sometimes it’s just the little things right? It’s amazing how much joy a new beauty product or switching out throw pillows can bring! I’ve heard such amazing things about the Microneedling GloPRO tool, too. Flawless skin? It’s definitely on my “treat myself” wish list!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we collected a few of our favorite items to help you decide how you’d like to treat yourself. We’re currently obsessed with the Ember mug. Have you heard of it!? It keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature all day long. Can you imagine?! No more cold coffee, moms! Can’t wait to get my hands on one, I seriously brilliant for a busy momma around the house or even a long day at the office! Speaking of offices: Our blue velvet office chairs have been such a hit and Anthropologie just released this new rose color. I’m obsessed! Again, treat yourself? Ha! Have a wonderful Valentine’s day everyone!

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