Trimming The Tree

Are you getting ready to decorate your tree? Or maybe you already have…  It’s one of our family’s most anticipated days of the year leading up to Christmas. Going and and cutting down a real tree is some of my favourite memories that we make as a family. The excitement of bringing it home, with the kids wide eyed and decorating it together as a family fills the house with the spirit of Christmas. I think we can all agree that there is something so nostalgic about bringing out all the decorations that have been collected throughout the years!

I like to change up the tree a little every year. This year I’m thinking of adding in natural wood bead garland, I love the added subtle statement.  Paired with classic mercury glass ornaments and touches of gold. I’m also planning on updating our tree skirt this year, I’ve used the same one for the past 9 years… I think it’s time.  There are a lot of options for the bottom of the tree, that are making quite the trend, from a wicker basket, to galvanized metal, to natural linen. This is a great way to add yet another personal touch to your tree and adding to it’s theme and scheme.

I always buy 5-10 new ornaments a year which symbolize milestones or special memories. It’s fun to document memories through an ornament and add it to the tree. Again, makes it fun when bringing out the boxes of ornaments every year.

Add your tree topper and stockings to compliment your tree and decor. These items I typically reuse for years to come. However if you’re looking to update yours I’ve included a few favourites below too. Happy decorating!


Ornaments: one | two | three | four | five | Tree Toppers: one | two |three | four | Tree Skirts & Collars: one | TWO | three | Stockings: one | two | three | four | Tree Garland: one | two | three |