Troy’s Closet

Full of rich textures and dark tones, Troy’s closet is finally finished and I can’t wait to share all the beautiful details and stylized design that make this space so completely Troy. When we first started imagining this space, we were inspired by the character of old school Manhattan, mixing vintage pieces with turn-of-the-century New York industrial style. Strong structural choices and personalized details helped elevate the closet to a room Troy can feel inspired in.

One of Troy’s favourite features in the closet is a home safe reminiscent of a traditional bank vault. We designed the room to be more than just a closet for organising and storing clothes but also a space where Troy can keep important documents, a few family photos, and other irreplaceable items. The safe and smaller drawers ensure everything stays decluttered and properly stored.

Troy’s closet is absolutely a reflection of his style and interests, and we wanted every detail of the space to feel intimate and filled with special mementos from our travels. When you first walk in, Troy’s leather jacket hangs on a brass hanger we purchased together in Paris when we were first married. Framed on the walls are a few family portraits and a framed vintage New York canvas bank bag, and below it a director’s chair to reflect Troy’s love of film. We also brought in touches of golf memorabilia, including a custom wooden putter made by Troy’s friend.

The colours we chose for the closet are distinctly masculine with luxe shades of grey and warm neutrals added in with the decor. Our design consultation with California Closets Vancouver helped us narrow down our vision for the space, allowing us to incorporate the darker cabinets and keep the tone of the room unified and of course inviting. Troy loves strong details, and the thicker shelving gables and burnished brass hardware by Armac Martin incorporates upscale old world appeal.

Built-in shelving is also the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic, and I love the details of displaying Troy’s cologne near a plate to hold his rings and watches. It makes all the essentials easy to grab when he’s on the go but also works as a display feature. We included on the shelving a number of books and trinkets that Troy has collected over the years. I also wanted to keep some of the upper storage open, allowing for additional storage boxes, as well as displaying travel bags and even a special wine crate.

We really enjoyed bringing this closet to life and I’m so glad Troy has a space that truly reflects his old soul style. Together we love that his closet isn’t just a place where he hangs his clothes, rather a space where he can display and store what had brought

Photography: Janis Nicolay

Closet Design & Build: California Closets Vancouver
Styling and Design: Monika Hibbs
Knobs & Pulls: Monika Hibbs Home
Nesting Tables: Monika Hibbs Home
Plaid Runner: Monika Hibbs Home
Boxes: Indigo
Flooring: Divine Flooring