Tuna Artichoke Salad

I just made this salad for lunch, and oh my word it may be my new fave! It will only take you 5 minutes to make and 5 minutes to eat (slow down just a bit)… But IT IS SOO good!

Fresh Spinach
Fresh Mixed Greens
Artichoke hearts (in oil or water)
Flaked tuna in water
Cut up fresh mushrooms
Cut up fresh strawberries
Fresh raspberries
Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
Tbsp Flax Oil
Corn Salsa sprinkled on top  ( I used Corn&Chilli Salsa from Trader Joe’s)

Why use??

Spinach- Contributes apha-lipoic acid, the powerful antioxidant that destroys harmful free radicals, which are byproducts of detoxification.

Flax Oil- It’s a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and has a delicious nutty flavour. It’s nutrients are protective by reducing inflammation- Including patients with arthritis and lupus.

Artichokes- Score high on the antioxidant scale, thanks to the presence of cynarin and silymarin. These two phytochemicals are thought to lower cholesterol, protect liver cells from toxins, enhance circulation, alpha-lipoic acid and aid digestion. Both of these antixidants are found in the leaves and the heart of the veggie!

Berries: Are a good source of fiber that provide bulk and digest slowly, helping you feel full.  They’re also full of water, high in fiber and super low in calories.

Tuna: PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN! Which stimulates the reduction of body fat!


Estimate 200-300 Calories! Yay!