Urbanwalls 2 Day Sale.

I am so proud of my friend Daniel Hardy from Urban Walls! She is such a beautiful women inside and out! Danielle has a desire to make a difference and change something in our world! Today & tomorrow she is doing JUST that! You might remember me posting about Urbanwalls here and here. I’ve also designed a fun decal for two friends of mine! I seriously can’t get enough! Today you can do two things! You can, 1) Buy an amazing decal from Urbanwalls & 2) Know that you are doing something amazing to change our world!

So what is this all mean you ask? Well, today and tomorrow 100% of all profit from Urbanwalls’ sales goes directly to Abolition International to abolish Child Sex Trafficking! It’s sounds terrifying, but it’s happening in our world and we need to make it stop! Let us rise and be inspired by one another and make a change! Danielle has given us a tool, now we need to use it!

I encourage you to read more about what Danielle has to say…HERE at She Loves Magazine.  (Warning: you might start to crying) Now go and buy all the wall decals your little heart desires! Go, go, GOOO!


Spread the Word

Twitter: Purchase an Urbanwalls decal from @hardydanielle Nov 29+30. All profits go to @abolitionintl to stop child trafficking! http://etsy.me/exe0Hc

Facebook: Purchase an Urbanwalls decal on November 29 & 30 and 100% of proceeds are going to Abolition International to abolish child trafficking! etsy.com/shop/urbanwalls