What to Wear: Warm-Weather Edition

We’re jetting off to warmer weather in a couple weeks, which means I’ve been searching for a few new things to wear. If you’re lucky enough to escape the cold temperatures, you should keep an eye out for resort collections. Many brands carry a unique line of clothes, swimwear, and accessories (in addition to their specific seasonal styles) so you can find that perfect swimsuit for your beach vacation in February.

It is also a great time to start scouting out items for your spring wardrobe. With this season’s new styles starting to show up in stores and last year’s collections are going on sale, it’s a great opportunity to buy high-quality items that will last. (Think sunglasses, hats, shoes…) I saw those knotted Loeffler Randall heels last year and bought them on sale a couple days ago. It was worth the wait!

Whether you’re planning a vacation or plotting out your wardrobe, we curated a collection of our favorite items in the board below. Happy shopping!

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