Wednesday Christmas Wish List no. 7

For the past few weeks every time someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I honestly didn’t have a clue what I wanted this year! HOWEVER after finished up my Christmas shopping last night, I saw a TON of things that I loved! Note to self: Start Christmas shopping extra early next year to have a better idea what to ask for! Quite honestly, I don’t need any of these things! But since you’re all asking! 😉 Why not make today’s post about what I wouldn’t mind getting! 😉

If you know me, I like practical. I like jewellery. I like accessories. And I like when people go in a gift for those more $$ items that I typically wouldn’t buy for myself. Yes, my husband would more then agree-  I’m not easy to shop for. I agree. I am not.

On that note. I hope this post brought a little smile to your face. Don’t you love Christmas shopping?! It can be so easy and fun! not. okay.. sometimes!

Happy Shopping! Only 10 days left till Christmas!!

1. Kate Spade NY Prize Ball $35
2. The Bay- Knit Cotton throw $150
3.  Classic Pave Bracelet $188
4. Tory Burch FOB $55
5. Chanel Coffee Table Book $40
6.  Marc by Marc Jacobs- Supersonic Black Bag $358
7. Kate Spade Coin Purse $95
8. TOM FORD Coffee Table Book $110
9. FASHION Coffee Table Book $40
10. Sabrina Blouse $115