Weekend showers

It’s Friday!! Whahoo! Sad part is, it’s RAINING in Vancouver! With a rain fall warning I might add- oh happy day!

But with spring showers come May flowers, so it’s all good I guess! Ugh, plus Spring showers is an understatement here!

Anyways, looking on the bright side!!!! I need to get to my point here!

Back to flowers! As much as I love flowers and need to have fresh ones in my kitchen at all times, I am terrible with knowing which flowers are which. I’ll go to the florist trying to describe what I’m looking for  and all I’ll get out of it is a Gerber daisy! (Not my fave by the way) Getting to the good part now- I just stumbled across this great image with tons of pretty flowers that are named and labelled! I will never have a florist/ Gerber daisy misunderstanding ever again!

Moral of the story: Spring showers brings pretty flowers and Spring weekend shopping! Am I right, or am I right!? HAPPY WEEKEND!

Thank you sfgirlybay for the above image!