Welcome Baby Blake!!

“Hello, my name is Blake George Hibbs!” Born June 19th and weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces, healthy as can be!  You guys… he’s just pure sweetness!  And woweee, it’s already been 6 weeks since our little Blake has been here with us. 6 weeks!!! Funny enough, it’s also taken me 6 weeks to find the energy and time to write this announcement blog post! I, of course, wanted to give myself some time to not worry about work and blogging and just focus on our family and our precious new baby Blake! Also, having two hands free to write hasn’t been easy either. 🙂 But here we are! Meet our new baby of the family!

I thought I would get a little personal on here again. Sharing my transition to three and how these last 6 weeks have been. (Especially since you all loved this last post.)  It’s funny because a lot of the time you’ll hear people say: “Once you hit the 6-week mark, life begins to feel normal again”. It’s so true! I absolutely felt that way when I had Liam and Lillya. And now, we’re slowing coming out of the fog as we hit the week 6 mark with Blake too.

I have to admit that these weeks have flown by! I don’t even understand how we are here already! I’m so obsessed with the fact that we have another little member of our family. I love watching all five of us interact and love on one another. Blake has been a dream baby. Of course, he’s fussy here and there, but I really can’t complain about anything. The transition to three has also been so fun, especially watching all three of them interact. Liam has taken on his big brother role so seriously. “Hiiiii Buuddddy”, is his go-to saying and he wants to hang out with Blake all the time. While Lillya not only embraced being a big sister but has also discovered her motherly side too. Oh, and I need to share something hilarious. She can’t exactly pronounce Blake’s name. Brace yourselves… She says “miltch” for “milk….and well “b*tch” for “Blake.” We die every time, and she has noooo clue! We also started calling him Blakey, so naturally, she’s calling him “b*tchy”. Hilarious right? We have it recorded many times over. I can’t wait to show them those videos when they’re older!

In terms of recovery, I think this has been my hardest recovery of the three. I had c-sections with all three of my babies, and wow each was so different. Yes, recovering from a c-section is painful and slow but somehow I’ve always had smooth recoveries. As I’m older now, I can tell my body is aching and recovering  at a slower pace! Cliche sounding, but true! However, I’m finally starting to feel like my normal self again. Side note: I also might have found a few of my first grey hairs… what!?!?!?!

I also was diagnosed with preeclampsia after Blake was born. I won’t get into too much detail. All I’ll say is that part really got to me. I strongly disliked being “the patient.” Especially during a time where I want to give my full attention to Blake and my family. After being discharged from the hospital with Blake, I had to go back for a number of follow-ups, which then landed me in the hospital for almost a week because of extremely high blood pressure (known as preeclampsia — I had the post-baby/ delivery type). I was put on a pretty high dose of medication and had to monitor my blood pressure religiously throughout the day. Basically to prevent major complications like organ failure, vision loss and stroke… just to name a few. Crazy, right? And, at the same time, I felt relatively normal. I’m doing much better now, still on meds and monitoring my blood pressure. But I’m happy to report that it’s getting better each day and all my readings have been great!

Okay, enough about me, back to Blake!! We just ADORE him! He’s been nothing but pure sweetness! And such a trooper! In the last 6 weeks, he’s been thrown into a busy season! From packing up our house, to book shoots and even a family wedding up in Osoyoos! I joke that with the third, the show/life must go on! So he’s simply just coming along for the ride. Even though we are in such a busy and hectic time in our life right now, Blake has also slowed me right down. I really enjoy the time that I get to just focus on him, whether that be the time that I nurse him or rock him back and forth when he becomes fussy. Those moments can be so hard because we want/need to get back to the everyday life things that are waiting on us. But I’ve used my Blake time to check out from all that’s going on right now and just focus on the precious moments and snuggles of newborn life. I think that’s what’s keeps me going. Otherwise its easy to fall into pure chaos and meltdown mode. Truthfully, I’ve had a few of those moments too! Lots of laughs and smiles, and lots of tears and worry too! As they say… “All the feels!” I’ve also had a lot of help from family and friends which had made this transition so smooth.

I’m thankful that I am now officially a momma of three. So far I’m lovvvving it! Blake is our little finishing piece to our family and it’s hard to imagine life without him now that he is here! Isn’t it funny how that works out?

Also, a lot of you mommas have been asking me about what I wore/ brought to the hospital in terms of comfortable nightgowns and loungewear. I wanted to buy a few new things just to feel put together and fresh. On a “normal day,” there’s nothing better than a brand new pair of pajamas or loungewear. So you can only imagine how much better brand-new items can make you feel when you’re in the hospital for a few days, feeling exhausted and drained from your delivery. That being said, I also didn’t want to worry about those items being ruined either. Simple yet pretty is best! I found a lot of cute options over at Love by Gap Body. And with their endless online coupons the prices were great too! This casual lace robe was my absolute favorite and I’ll be sure to wear it lots after too!


This silicone pacifier (the patpat) and clip has been my favourite! The nipple part folds in on it’s self and acts as a teether too! Find lots of colors and options from Ryan & Rose! One of my favourite baby items.

Liam and Lillya meeting Blake for the first time! This picture is one of my new favourites, I’ll treasure it forever!