Wellness January

I must say January isn’t my favourite month of the year, it’s actually one of my least favourite. Like most of you I’m sure, I’m coming off my holiday high and feel like I’m just crashing most days in January! That being said, I’m trying to be optimistic! I’ve made it a priory to schedule in time to nourish my mind and body. From nutritious recipes to productive workouts, January is the optimal time to re-start and feel your best. This month I’m sharing some of my favourite items to kick start the year. I’ve included a few clean beauty, items tried and true that have gone viral, and a few things that are getting me though the day.

Let’s start with clean beauty. I have fallen in love with the brand Ilia. A clean cosmetics line that you’ll be more than pleased with. Leaving your beauty routine looking fresh and feeling good about it too! The ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer with Vitamin C wears beautifully, full coverage (but not too much) and glides on with no creasing! I currently have their Lip Wrap in my cart, as I keep seeing it pop up in my feed as the best moisturizing lip balm.

Getting back into my workout routine has been tough! What better way to get your tush back into the gym or fitness studio than a new pair of kicks, trendy workout gear or perhaps a new hat to hide that gym hair.

Talking about gym hair… let’s touch on dry shampoo. I have yet to find a favourite new dry shampoo after all the recalls this past season. The Briogeo Scalp Revival has been a great alternative with it’s squeeze puff bottle getting the product distributed into the roots of your hair. A great option as of now.  I’m open to suggestions, please leave your favourites in the comments below! 

You might have seen my “Washing face, tell-all saga”, over on my Instagram stories. Long story short, but I’ve publicly announced that I don’t love the act of washing my face before bed. With water running down my arms, to avoiding the residue of makeup wipes on my face. I don’t love it. Though I do love skincare and taking care of my face as I age! I shared on stories because I recently found these water absorbing makeup removal sponges, that have changed the way I remove makeup and wash my face at night. I soak the disk to absorb the water, add my face cleanser and wipe the makeup away. The dripping water down my arms can still be a bit of a problem, therefor due to multiple DM’s you all shared your favourite elastic wrist towels that catch the water. Now I’m not exactly sure I’ll be diligent enough to use these, but I’m going to give them a try.

Last thing! Water, drink all the water! We hear it, non stop! You didn’t see it here first, thought the Stanley Tumbler is worth all the hype, I LOVE mine. I fill mine up and sip all day long. Whether it be ice cold water, or my Better Days green power, (my all time favourite, tastes great and does what it says it does- promise!). I make sure to hydrate as much as I can. Hydrate from the inside out, your skin, joints, digestion, sleep… even your workouts will thank you!

Here’s to starting a new year right!

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