What We’re Loving Now

Every week, our conversation inevitably shifts toward whatever we’re enjoying right now. From books and magazines to TV shows and podcasts, we love sharing our recommendations with each other. It’s always so much fun to share our favorites and learn about new things to check out…

We compiled a list of what each of our team members is loving now, and we want to hear from you! Have you listened to/read/watched any of these? What are you enjoying right now?

Monika- Creative Director 

How I Built ThisThe most inspiring and motivating podcast for the entrepreneurial heart. Interviews with the most successful companies, leaving you in awe and wanting to take over the world too.

This Is UsHeartfelt, meaningful series on television right now. Be ready to cry A LOT! Takes the meaning of family and quality of life to the next level.

Braving the Wilderness (Brene Brown): I love her books. Finding connections and belonging are important, and I always feel challenged to change after reading her work!

Style at HomeI’m especially excited about the December issue because of our entertaining Christmas spread! Flip through six pages of photos we hope will inspire you as you consider decorating Christmas tablescape and mantel – with a couple of our recipes too! 

Erin- Our Food Editor & Managing Director

Burnt ToastFeaturing everything from outlining a recipe to debunking food myths, Kenzi Wilbur does an excellent job keeping you entertained.

Chef’s TableFocused on Michelin star chefs and the daily grind and pressure of running their restaurants, this show allows you a glimpse of how some of the world’s most amazing chefs create show-stopping menus.

The French Chef in America: Julia Child’s Second Act (Alex Prud’homme): A wonderful story about Julia Child’s life after she returned to America and became a TV personality, including how she broke down barriers and paved the path for food television.

Donna HayThis is hands down the most visually stunning food magazine out there! It has everything from simple everyday recipes to elevated crowd pleasers.

Lindsay- Copy Editor 

The Rich Roll PodcastThis plant-based podcast discusses all things wellness with a focus on health and fitness. It’s fascinating to hear from all kinds of people and learn how they live their best lives.

Jane the VirginI’ve never been as consistently (and pleasantly) surprised by a TV show. Equally heartwarming and heartbreaking. It’s the best.

Love That Lasts (Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke): Contrary to what it may seem, it’s not just a marriage advice book! It’s got great advice for all kinds of relationships. (They’ve got a great podcast, too!)

Magnolia: Oh, I love these guys! I’m hooked on Fixer Upper, and this gives me a little extra Chip & Joanna fix when I need it. (And will continue to after I watch the last couple of episodes!)

Sarah- Our Graphics Designer 

SkillshareSkillshare is actually where I learned calligraphy! It’s full of online classes for creatives to learn, exchange feedback and get inspired. From photography to design to how to grow your Instagram, the variety of classes are endless!

Game of ThronesIf you want to let your inner geek out this is the show for you! It’s a little hard to follow at the beginning but if you love complex storylines and stunning costume designs then it’s so worth watching.

Brand Brilliance-: Brand Brilliance is the second book by The Brand Stylist and it is SO stunning. A resource for refining your brand, whatever it may be.

DominoI was so thrilled when Domino started releasing magazines again! Their spaces are so elevated and inspiring. I also own both of the books!