WHITE is here

Just in case you didn’t know… you are allowed to wear white now!! And you only have 129 days left, so take full advantage! I love seeing all the “white” outfit posts my favorite blogerinas are blogging about! They’re the perfect inspiration for this post. Okay… I’ll direct you to winter wonderland, summer whiteout wonderfulness!

Just Dandy and Sparkling Foot Steps took the Bloggers Do it Better challenge; “White Out” and totally rocked it! They’ve inspired me to do fashion board to inspire you! Hope you like it! Enjoy! xo

p.s. I think I just added 6 new items to my Wish list. Oh boy.

1 .H&M White Blazer $60
2. Michael Kors Shetland Cat Eye Sunglasses $115
3.  Vintage Print Bird Scarf $50
4.  Moto Denim Striped Short $66
5.  Hermes Leather Belt $$$
6.  Michael Kors Juniper Espadrille $140
7. Toy Watch Gold Chrono Watch
8. Tory Burch Bow cuff $85
9. H&M leather bracelet $4
10. JCrew Havana Clutch $58