That White T-Shirt

Monika's laundry room

A fresh, crisp white t-shirt is a definite must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Dress it up or dress it down, a white t-shirt is versatile – and tough to keep looking fresh and clean after a couple of washes!

I’ve fallen in (and out) of love with a number of white t-shirts over the years. Some retained their shape better, others started to look worn out quickly. At times I feel reluctant to wash white t-shirts and other items I love because I don’t want to risk them looking less than their best. (But I obviously can’t do that so I’ve gambled many times!)

Not only MY whites, but also my kid’s whites! We love to be outside; The kids are some how always attracted to the muddiest of areas in our yard. And I love to garden whenever I’m out there with them, always making sure the weeds and flowers are under control. Needless to say, in the spring and summer our whites get a very dirty and abused! I’m constantly looking for tips on how to keep my whites whiter, while keeping the fabric and shape looking like new; While having the laundry machine on repeat around here!

Monika in the laundry room with her son

Monika's laundry room

Monika's laundry room

Monika smiling in a white shirt smelling flowersSince having kids, laundry is a regular part of my everyday routine, which means I’ve had plenty of time to figure out how to keep clothes looking their best. After some testing and experimenting, I’ve collected a few tips for keeping your favourite wardrobe staples, like the perfect white t-shirt, looking fresh and clean.

Bottle of Downy fabric conditioner in Monika's laundry room

  1. Keep a couple of stain remover pens handy. It’s almost inevitable you’ll need one while wearing a white t-shirt – especially if you have kids! I tuck a Tide to Go pen in my purse and glove compartment, and I never regret it!

Soak stained items before tossing them into the washer. It helps to loosen the stain and definitely makes a difference! When it comes to white t-shirts, I’ll soak them in a little Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release.

Wash items in cold water with a good detergent. Colors fade faster and silhouettes get warped when clothes are washed in hot water.

Find a fabric conditioner,  like Downy Fabric Conditioner. Similar to hair conditioner, it conditions the fibres of your clothes to protect them from damage during a wash or daily wear. The fibres are less likely to break, which means your clothes look like new – retaining their shape, size, and smoothness – for longer than they would have otherwise!

As quickly as styles change, it’s nice to have a few wardrobe staples I can rely on year after year. A white t-shirt is one of my must-have staples, and it’s nice to have a product like Downy Fabric Conditioner to help my favourite white t-shirt last for a few more seasons than it would usually last!

Thank you Downy for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.