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Visiting Lake Louise Banff Alberta

At the beginning of December Troy and I jetted off to Banff, Alberta with WestJet and McCafé. We were so excited for this collaboration trip because we’ve had Banff on our bucket list for years! It’s the ultimate winter wonderland with endless scenic routes and winter activities.

When I was told that McCafé was now being served on West Jet flights starting December 1, I knew I wanted to experience the in-flight coffee experience and take a quick trip with Troy before all the holiday festivities. A quick weekend trip to Banff from Vancouver to Calgary – a one-hour flight – to experience the coffee date of a lifetime!

Monika Hibbs Iceskating on Lake Louise BanffWe couldn’t decide whether we should stay at the Banff Springs or the Chateau Lake Louise Fairmont Hotels. Since we only had a few days to explore both Banff and make a quick stop to the iconic Lake Louise, we decided to spend one night at each hotel. I’m so glad we did. Each hotel was so different and had its own personal charm and character.

Ice skating on the frozen Lake Louise was an absolute dream. The mountains were vast in size all around us, the air was cold as ice, and just peace and quiet everywhere –every little noise was absorbed by the snow. It was simply majestic in every way. If it wasn’t so cold out (-25 Celsius, to be exact), we could have been out on the ice all day.


Fairmont Lake Louise Iceskating 1A Alberta Highway Elk Monika Hibbs

We drove to Banff next, about 45 minutes away. If you decide to visit, you have to take the Alberta 1A Highway. The road was breathtaking with endless wildlife, including massive elk on the side of the road, to see too!  The small quaint town of Banff was my favourite. It’s right out of a Christmas movie. We stopped to grab a McCafé peppermint latte before heading off to the Banff Springs hotel. Our coffee fix was so needed. This trip was kid-free and I wanted to soak up as much as I could from all that Banff had to offer. The hotel – a.k.a. CASTLE!!! –  was the most gorgeous castle amongst the snowy mountains. We enjoyed the iconic willow stream spa, eucalyptus inhalation baths and all.

Fairmont Banff Springs Monika Hibbs in Hottub

The last few months have been so busy for us, it was such a treat to jet away for the weekend and slow down in December. It took me a day to unwind and not think about work and our two babies at home. It’s hard to unplug at this time of year, but Banff was the perfect place to do so! Coffee in hand and my love by my side, it was honesty the perfect trip. If you haven’t been to Banff, I recommend visiting. There is just nothing like the rocky mountains, wild animals, gorgeous hotels and endless sites to see.

Visiting Banff Alberta Monika Hibbs

Spray Lakes Alberta

Better yet, book with WestJet and enjoy a McCafé Premium Roast coffee, roasted with 100% fine arabica beans. While you’re in town, don’t forget to grab a delicious pastry too!

Spray Lakes Alberta Monika Hibbs Snowy Day

Thank you to McCafé for sponsoring this post and trip. All comments and opinions are my own.