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A very pretty weekend!

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! This week has been crazy busy! Hence why I did not post yesterday! Forgive me?

Today I thought I would post an extra fun Friday post! (Trying to make up for yesterday :wink: ) There is a lot to celebrate this weekend- My sister in law’s engagement party! I love dinner parties, cocktail parties, any type of party really! But my favourite part is the decorating and organizing! I wish I could throw dinner parties more often! From my magical world of imagination and blogging, here are some of the wonderful and pretty touches that I think top off the perfect party! Maybe that’s why I get so tied up in watching Gossip Girl, “Oh the wonderful life of expensive things and parties!”

Have a great weekend! xo

Invitation: Party Calligraphy- Daley Ann
Confetti: Etsy- By Kristina Marie
Champagne glasses: Kate Spade
Friends Sketch: Inslee
Necklace $39: Bauble Bar  your personal invite!

Marketa NYC

I love finding new Etsy gems! Just recently I stumbled upon these gorgeous leather pouches by Marketa NYC! I love all the different colors, shapes and the variety of leather! The designer is known for contrasting fabrics such as metallic linen with distressed leathers, and the placement of unexpected metal hardware give each piece a distinctive edge.

They’re perfect to have in your handbag, don’t you think?! Stuff them with pens, notepads, lipstick… yes even tampons! ;)

Slouchy clutches, pouches are most definitely trending this season too! I need to get my hands on one!

Happy Wednesday! xo

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