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Wednesday Christmas Wish List no. 5

One of my favourite things to shop for is stocking stuffers! I love the fact that they can be the most random things and still be perfect! I do like lots of candy and chocolate too! But I think that’s just a given! Makeup, nail polish, jewellery, small candles, plus a cake pop or two… […]

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Urbanwalls 2 Day Sale.

I am so proud of my friend Daniel Hardy from Urban Walls! She is such a beautiful women inside and out! Danielle has a desire to make a difference and change something in our world! Today & tomorrow she is doing JUST that! You might remember me posting about Urbanwalls here and here. I’ve also […]

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PS I made this… Book Giveaway!

I’m so excited about this giveaway! Two reasons: 1) The giveaway it’s self is one of the funnest books every girl should own 2) One of Vancouver’s favourite boutiques in Vancouver is hosting this GA! I hope you’ve had the chance to check out PS I made this… blog! It is the DIY central for […]

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Friday Review- NYC

Happy Friday! Wow is time ever moving fast! Our New York Trip is done, only thing left is remembering all the amazing memories and looking through pictures! Here are some from our trip! Bits of pieces from 6 days in the Big Apple! Everything from trying on Wedding dresses at Vera Wang (my SIL who’s […]

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Wednesday Christmas Wish List no. 4

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful friends in America! Hope you are all having the yummiest turkey dinners with all your loved ones! YUM!! I’m totally craving Turkey now! Second, I’m back from NYC!! It was honestly one of the best trips ever! We had so so so so so much fun! I’ll […]

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off to NYC

Well the day has come…VERY quickly! The girls are off to NYC- for a fun filled extra extra long weekend! It’s 2:22 am and I’m running around trying to finish everything off! I have to leave my house house in 2.5 hours and I haven’t even packed yet! Lets just say it’s been a VERY […]

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Wednesday Christmas Wish List no.3

I love shopping for my mom, and for my mother in law! They are probably the two people that I don’t have to worry about when it comes to Christmas shopping! Plus, if you’re anything like our family, getting something a little bit more expensive for mom is much easier when you have siblings that […]

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the teeny tiny gracelette

Let me start of by saying that I LOVE my arm party! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a full wrist of glorious bracelets! Now, lets take a whole 180 turn- I also LOVE dainty! The dainty appearance of “less is more” is more than valid when it comes to my new friend the “gracelette“! Yes, there […]

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Sick Day

For some strange reason I’m still fighting this flu! I NEEED to get rid of it! I’ve spent too many hours in bed. Don’t you hate that feeling, when you start getting stir crazy! Mr. Flu, we’ve got things to do!! I’m off to NYC at the end of the week and I have tons […]

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Today is a pretty important day in history, Not only is it 2011, on the 11th day of the 11th month, which only happens once ever hundred years.. but it’s also a very significant day in Canada’s history. Today we celebrate Remembrance Day, the day remembered as the ending of World War 1 on the […]

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