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Gift wrapping Monogram

I hope you don’t all start panicking if I tell you that there is only one week left until Christmas! I  still feel like I have tons to do, but at the same time I’m getting closer to being done! I only have a few more gifts to buy which makes this Christmas rush a lot less stressful! One of my favourite things to do during this exiting season, is to gift wrap! I’ve always loved adding personal touches and attention to detail! I wanted to share a little gift wrapping post with a few tips to make your gifts stand out!

Tips on how to be the best wrapper: 
1. Choose some gorgeous, and even a bit different wrapping paper.
2. Don’t forget about some fancy ribbon, rope or pompom garland.
3. Pick up some sentimental and gift specific ornaments.
4. Pick some fresh flowers and greenery.
5. Make sure your wrapping paper is cut to size to make folding need and clean.
6. Run your fingers throughout the editing of your box, to create nice sharp folds.
7. Great a theme, and mix match your paper, ribbon/string, ornaments and fresh greenery to create the perfect look for each gift.

Glitter Fawn, Star Wrapping Paper, Dot wrapping paper: The Cross Design
Script Wrapping Paper, Monogram Ornaments, Wishbone, Baker’s Twine, Pompoms: Anthropologie
Gold Ribbon: Home Sense
Gold and Turquoise PomPom flowers, Acrylic Stapler: SHOPbymonika 


Family Joy

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Hibbs Family Christmas Photos

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Winter Blanket

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Lace Sweater Dress | Parka | Necklace | Earrings | Nude Pumps | Liam’s Sweater, Pants, Hat | Cream Sequin Blanket | Plaid Blanket Scarf |

Yes, I’m that mom. I love to send out Christmas cards every year. And I don’t just mean a generic card, a card that captures my little family and to create a keep sake for the following years to come. I’m super sentimental that way… I hope I’m not the only one! I called up my amazing talented friend Jamie Lauren to capture the three of us in the fresh (very cold) snow and really just get snap some photos that show our dynamic as a family of three and of course capture Liam’s little personality at the age of 19 months!

When American Express Canada contacted me to share how I live an #AmexLife, I knew I had to share these photos in my post. I love how they show our playful bond and the love we have for one another. We love seasons, holidays and family. We cherish our time together, we laugh a lot, kiss a lot, cuddle a lot, and simply love to be together. My idea of an #AmexLlife is to truly be surrounded by the people that we love. To make ‘time’ to make memories, even if they are silly stressful photoshoots in the snow. I have to say that is just one of my love languages as a mom. I thrive off memories from photos and capturing the moment. I really could have hundreds of framed photos in my house documenting every moment we spend together.

Now my question to you is: “How do you live a Amex Llife?”. What is it that’s most important? What makes you smile the second you wake up? Moments like those are the best, and Amex wants you to share them to inspire others to live life to the fullest potential! To join in on the fun tweet @AmexCanada your #AmexLife photos and you could be featured as fan photo of the week.

I would love for you to comment below and let me know what that moment is for you! Reading comments like these are my absolute favourite! Also check back next week for a peek at our  Holiday Card and an exciting giveaway! I’ll be sharing the joys and challenged capturing the perfect moment for your Christmas and Holiday cards! 

Photos by Jamie Lauren Photography
Makeup by Eva Terez Beauty 

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