stepping into spring


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Happy Friday everyone! Just had an urge to order a pair or espadrilles (or two), since it’s getting a tad bit warmer and spring feels like it might be around the corner! Snatching a pair before they’re all gone is always a good idea in my books. Once I started looking around for a favourite pair I noticed I had way too many favourites to choose from! Black, whites, neutrals, animal prints and even floral- where do you even start? Which ones are your favourites? I need some help!  (A few highs and lows in terms of $$ are selected above.) Now we just need sun in the forecast!

Have a great weekend! 

get storage organized

Storage Baskets hampers

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January really should be called storage month! I find myself seeing baskets and hampers in every store.  It makes me want to organize, purge and gets things put away into really awesome storage options! I would seriously have a basket for everything. Not only does everything have it’s own place, it makes a space feel tidy with adding in an extra bit of character. Here are some of my favourite finds! Happy organizing… with some pretty good price points too! 

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