spring blooms

Spring Florals DIY

Spring Florals DIY

spring blooms flowers

Spring florals magnolia flowers

Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring Magnolia Bloom Bud Vase

Don’t you love the first signs of Spring? I was out for a run yesterday and couldn’t get enough of all the trees blooming with flowers. On my way home I had to pick a few branches to take home with me. Funny thing was, every few streets I found another gorgeous bloom, completely different with it’s own hues! So… instead of coming home with a branch or two, I pretty much came home with a bouquet of blooming branches. Two different types of magnolias and a couple cherry blossom branches. Together they looked stunning. I had a little branch that was a bit misplaced in the large vase, so I placed it in it’s own little bud vase. It’s perfect on my bedside table, a lovely site AND smell to wake up to! Hope you create your own blossoming arrangement, it will leave you smiling every time you walk by, I promise.

Also have a look at the Spring Floral Oasis I made last Spring. 

Looking for a new vase? Here are some gorgeous ones, perfect for large and small blossoming branches! Eyeing the gold scissors too?

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Vacation wear

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With March just around the corner I’m seriously craving a warm, sunny vacation! I’m in the mood for some new summer items and maybe even a tan. We don’t have any plans to jet off anywhere for spring break, but I might just want to change that! Any favourite places you guys can recommend? What are your favourite things to pack? I’m a tunic, hat, sunglasses and some great accessories kind of girl. Don’t you just love that Tory Burch straw hat? It’s currently on my wish list! 


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